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About Weisninetyfive

Weisninetyfive has had clients from all over the world, since we do not travel all the time, we work remote from our office located in Denmark. We are able to work together with clients across the globe, to communication we use video communcation, email and other ways of connecting.

Our work can be found in many different areas and niches. Weisninetyfive does not have any preference, we work together with any kind of company or person within the legal boundary.

The services offered by Weisninetyfive range greatly to cover the all clients needs. From small companies in need of enormous, scalable, dynamic and responsive websites or platform to the private person who needs a webshop or blog. Weisninetyfive doesn't not differentiate between clients and tries to find the best solution for the clients need.

If there is an exsisting website, platform, database or similar that needs to be improved we also offer upgrades, such as increasing Load Speed, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management and more.

If your uncertain whether or not weisninetyfive can be of service, do not hesitate to contact us and get an evaluation as well as an estimate of the price.

We always learn from your ideas to create your vision.

do's and don'ts Weisninetyfive

We do:

- Try to create realistic deadlines.
- Do revisions.
- Refund Payment if we do no succeed.
- Create unique solutions.
- Offer Consulting.
- Offer long-term contracts.

We don't:

- Use Templates.
- Do endless revisions.
- Work with Wordpress.
- Repair for free, if code is altered.
- Take resposibility in any alterings, once finished.
- Work for free.

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